August 6, 2016

Pippa was my friend and companion after losing my wife seven years ago with cancer. She was a rescue dog from Pets in Spain and was brought to me for a short period to take care of her. However after three days she was so like my wife’s dog, who we had to put to sleep due to illness, I felt Pippa deserved a good home.

I had her over six years, until last Monday when I took her for her evening walk to find she did her poo and we rounded her corner as she had done many times and laid down to rest while I walked to the container to dispose of her poo.

While walking back I noticed a car was driving from his parking area and then stopped, but didn’t get out of the car but drove on. When I reached the area I found she had been run over and was still.

Obviously this man was not a pet lover as he would have got out of his car to look, and as she had her harness and lead connected to her body, the owner, being me, was close by.

I would be very pleased if you could print this article to let pet lovers be aware that these things still happen.

Yours sincerely

T J Ford

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