2020 – A year to forget


November 4

It’s so difficult at the moment for so many people, I don’t think anyone realised the freedom of movement we had, the luxury of visiting family and friends.

Now with Christmas fast approaching the thought of not seeing family, sitting around a table and chatting, It’s just so wrong and so depressing when usually Nans and Grandads are beginning to get their suitcases packed ready to visit their family.

The year of 2020 will certainly go down as the year we wish to forget. So many businesses struggling the world over and still no end in sight.The depression of so many people, worrying about how to pay bills, put food on the table, worrying about their children to ensure they socialise with protection. Will we have a job next week ?

At the moment we can’t even make the simplest plans, as to meeting friends, celebrating birthdays, just doing what we have always taken for granted.

I believe once all this is over we will have a new normal, whatever that may mean. I think the majority of us will enjoy the simple things, walking in the forest, spending time with family and friends having a cuppa and just listening and being genuinely interested in how family and friends are feeling mentally. We all need to show kindness, one word can make such a difference. Even if you just say “That colour suits you or I like what you are wearing” it’s such a small thing to do, but means so much to someone who may be unsure of themselves at the moment, feeling vulnerable and worried.

We will all get through these uncertain times, we will be stronger and maybe have learned something.

Keep safe.
Diane Wallace

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