Phew, that’s a relief!


On the morning of the December 14, 2018, just before the Christmas, New Year and Three Kings that I hope all readers enjoyed, during my fairly early morning power walk I was conscious of a dull ache around my right jaw. It had been a cold start to day and it was to this drop in temperature that I attributed the ache, pulling the hoody onto my head and waiting for it to go away.
It didn’t. Neither did it disappear when in a hot bath after my exertions. In fact it spread to the other side. I’d read (fortunately) during the past months about pain in the jaw being one of the possible symptoms of a heart attack! It’s a long story, but cutting it short I spent that afternoon and several more days in the Intensive Care Unit at Denia Hospital (where the care, by the way, was exemplary – life saving in fact!). Twitter @colinonwine
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