Corpinnat wines – How do they stand up?


This is really part two of a series with an indefinite end! Readers may remember my brief discourse on DO Cava, the bodegas that jumped ship and the rise of a group intent on restoring the good name of Spanish Sparkling Wine – Corpinnat. If you didn’t catch the intro in the newspapers, you can read it here www.colin click ‘Articles’.
This week’s Cork Talk is about my thoughts on only two of the wineries now under the auspices of Corpinnat, and just three of their sparkling wines. So, statistically, it cannot be considered wholly representative, given that there are a total of nine (and counting?!) bodegas with, well, many more sparkling wines in their portfolios.
I intend to taste a whole lot more of the Corpinnat collection and this fact alone may be indicative of my eventual conclusion – those which I’ve tasted so far are outstanding!

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