Caton Clinics, Spain’s most innovative health centre in the mental and sexual health sector


Caton Clinics, a clinical centre focused on mental and sexual health with clinics in Madrid and Valencia and the central development headquarters in Alicante, has positioned itself as the clinic with the most innovative techniques and procedures in Spain. This centre, born in 2022 from the interest of the technological group Desinope and the association of the Psicotek and Salud Sexual Valclinic clinics, has been able to develop cutting-edge techniques through the use of new technologies for the treatment of disorders related to mental and sexual health.

This work, together with the various research and advances that are being developed, has positioned Caton Clinics as a benchmark in the use of pioneering techniques for the treatment of disorders and illnesses related to mental and sexual health.


Sexual Health: a technological commitment to achieve a full quality of life

There are many taboos surrounding the different pathologies that affect people’s sexual health, as well as the feeling of ignorance or rejection that exists about the different treatments that are applied. With the aim of trying to reduce these differences and improve people’s quality of life, Caton Clinics has combined different technological advances with various local and psychological stimulation techniques to treat mainly erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation, in the case of men, and vaginal dryness, for example, in women.

Likewise, the clinic is committed to the use of pioneering techniques from the first phase of diagnosis, analysing the pathology as a problem with a psychological basis, since more than 80% of patients suffer from comorbidity (the simultaneous presence of two or more diseases or medical conditions in a patient) with a common psychological disorder: stress, anxiety, etc. In this way, urology and andrology doctors, neurophysiologists and psychologists carry out a complete and detailed initial study of the patient.

If the origin of the disorder is physiological, the proposed treatment includes some of these techniques: PRP, shockwaves, penile doppler ultrasound, localized ultrasound stimulation in the vaginal wall, etc. If there is an associated psychological disorder, the treatment is carried out by psychologists and is reinforced with electrostimulation sessions whenever required.

Thanks to all these techniques, advances and procedures, around 90% of the patients who come to the clinic achieve satisfactory results, therefore improving their relationships and their quality of life, which has positioned Caton Clinics as a leader in the use of therapies, surgeries and third techniques related to sexual health. Moreover, as part of its commitment to research, evolution and the development of pioneering procedures, the health centre is currently in the process of developing the first non-invasive clinical procedure for the treatment of male sexual dysfunction and premature ejaculation.


R&D for mental health treatment

As far as mental health is concerned, the methodology used by traditional psychology clinics is based on techniques and treatments that are mostly oriented towards the study of cognitive-behavioural prism, offering a less precise diagnosis and consequently requiring a longer period of time for the patient to obtain satisfactory results.

As Caton Clinics, fuses traditional with new technologies with the aim of strengthening the classical therapies of psychology. This procedure makes it possible to complement the psychological diagnosis of patients with the use of electroencephalograms that make it possible to identify which area or areas of the brain are damaged or altered. In this way, specialist doctors propose and apply more specific, accurate and personalised therapies for each patient according to their diagnosis, including brain stimulation or neurofeedback.

In this way, the fusion of the use of R&D together with the facilities and the human and technical equipment for diagnosis and treatment that the clinic has, shows once again the commitment of Caton Clinics to the continuous advance and development of techniques and clinical studies. In addition, some of these investigations are carried out in collaboration with educational centres such as the Elche’s Miguel Hernández University, the University of Alicante or the Cardenal Herrera University, where different studies and educational and scientific collaboration agreements are carried out. Likewise, initiatives have also been carried out with other reference centres such as the Children’s Health Foundation of Elche, as well as with ten associated clinics that provide brain mapping and biomarker studies.

In short, thanks to research, the desire for progress and development, and the use of techniques that complement traditional treatments, Caton Clinics, in its growth and expansion, has managed to position itself as one of the leading mental and sexual health clinics in our country.


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