Tourism tax bombshell


AS PART of the fiscal reforms being contemplated by the regional government in Valencia, experts are revising plans that could see the ‘tasa turística’ tourist tax introduced by 2017.

This will mean that visitors staying in hotels will have to pay an extra charge per person per night.

The Benidorm and Costa Blanca hotel owners association, Hosbec, along with the provincial hotel association, have rejected the plan.

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  1. Tax on holidays that is ridiculous it takes us all year to save up for an holiday why should we have to pay more does the government not want us to take an holiday

  2. This is a total ripoff…Spain’s economy is completely reliant on tourists coming to their country… millions of pounds are spent in this place by working class people who have scrimped and saved to afford it. This obviously is not enough. Let’s screw some more outa the suckers….staycation it is then.


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