NHS faces Brexit bombshell


THE NHS could face a bill of almost £500 million if the right to healthcare of retired British people currently living in other EU countries is withdrawn and they return to the UK, according to a new briefing by the Nuffield Trust on the impact of Brexit on the NHS and social care.

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  1. I have never read such a load of codswallop in my life, it just the remoaners trying their ‘scaremongering tactics again!!!!!!
    If there is no agreement on the 1.1 million uk citizens resident in Europe, there will be no agreement on the 3.5 million EU people living in the UK.
    Whilst we are in the EU, they can charge us whatever they like, they are already talking about ‘doing away’ with all rebates, which would cost us another 5 billion a year, and if we don’t come out, they will exercise ‘more and more’ control over us. It is a ‘no brainer’, to leave these EU, and let the corrupt EU bandits to stew in their own juices. Their aggressive stance since article 50 was activated, has shown their ‘true colours’, and that they are no friends of the UK. Europe and Europeans are ok, but some of the ‘Brussels mob’ are downright dangerous and evil.


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