Nadia’s parents face fraud allegations

Couple accused of spending €600,000 from cash raised for daughter's treatment

Nadia's mother Marga Garau with her lawyer (Photo: EPA)

THE case of Nadia, the 11-year-old from Cataluña whose parents appealed for help to pay for the specialist medical care they claimed she needed (CDSN last week), has taken another twist with the jailing of the girl’s father on suspicion of fraud. Last Friday, a court considered that he was planning to flee with his family and ordered him to be held without bail, while Nadia’s mother was charged and released, and the child was taken into care.

Nadia is reported to suffer from tricothiodystrophy, which causes brittle hair and can lead to mental disability, short stature, plus occasional epileptic fits and lack of coordination, as well as premature ageing. However, it is unclear how serious her condition is.

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