Ciudadanos may hold key to breaking political deadlock

Acting PM Mariano Rajoy and Ciudadanos leader Albert Rivera, who has offered to support Sr Rajoy's investiture if the Partido Popular meets a series of conditions (Photo: EPA)

SPAIN will be “the laughing stock of Europe” if the country holds a third general election in the autumn, according to acting prime minister Mariano Rajoy. He was speaking as senior figures in the Partido Popular were preparing to decide whether or not to accept an olive branch proffered by Ciudadanos last week.

Since the last election in June, when the PP found itself 39 seats short of a majority in the lower house of Spain’s parliament, there has been no prospect of a viable new administration being formed. However, last Wednesday a surprise announcement from the centrist Ciudadanos party, which holds 32 seats in the house, set six conditions and promised to support Sr Rajoy if the PP were to agree to them.

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