Brits evacuated from Benidorm hotel inferno


A group of 21 Brits staying at the Hotel Victoria – in the Old Town – had an unexpected wake up call on Saturday morning.
The laundry room, located on the top floor caught fire, automatically activating the fire alarm.
The party was among over 400 guests evacuated shortly after 6am and thankfully were on the lower floors of the 19 storey hotel “as the lifts were out of action”.

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  1. Good Morning, we are the Hotel Victoria. Early on Saturday morning there was been a small fire at the hotel. All alarms and systems of prevention went off according to plan and a controlled evacuation took place.

    We consider that the article is dramatising the story by declaring the situation as an inferno, the reality was that although stressful was resolved within an hour and guests were back in their rooms.

    With regards to the lifts, in the event of a fire emergency, staircases are used and lifts are deemed out of action, the is normal procedure.

    Finally, the fire took place in a storeroom adjacent to the laundry room.

  2. When we stayed at the Royal Hotel a couple of years ago we saw a great deal of smoke coming from this same area and reported it to the Royal Hotel’s reception staff. After the receptionist made a couple of ‘nonchalant’ phone calls to the Victoria, we were assure that there was a small problem in the laundry area which was being attended to. Looks like it got to be a bigger problem!!


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