Summer walks part 3


Panticosa to Bujaruelo Day 1 (part 2)
THE GLACIAL lake – ‘Ibón de Catieras’ – is lovely place for a spot of lunch at 2,267 metres. After taking on some sustenance, gird your loins for the final ascent of the day, up to the Collado de Catieras (also known as Collado de Espelunz). It isn’t a long trek and there were still pockets of snow at the beginning of July, but nothing to worry about. Arriving at the pass at 2,443m is a bit like reaching a summit. It’s a long way up and worth every ounce of effort to see the snow-capped peaks of the Pyrenees stretching out to the horizon.
After drinking in the awesome view, it’s time to think about the descent. I opted for the long waltz down Barranco de Espelunz to reach the Ara Valley and the GR-11 footpath. This is the long way round. The map also shows a shorter route, turning right and cutting over to descend the Valle de Ordisco to hit the GR-11.

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