Malaya convicts on the run

Court issues arrest warrants for two Malaya convicts who failed to report to jail by the deadline

Andrés Liétor when he was in police custody (Photo: EFE)

By Oliver McIntyre

THE provincial court has issued international arrest warrants for a businessman and a lawyer who were convicted in the Malaya corruption case and who failed to report to prison by last Wednesday’s deadline to begin serving their jail terms.

Twenty of the 26 Malaya convicts who had been ordered to jail complied with the deadline and entered prison last week, including former Marbella mayor Marisol Yagüe, former deputy mayor Isabel García Marcos and several other ex-councillors plus businessmen, lawyers and others.

Four did not enter prison due to either medical issues or being currently out of the country, but in these four cases the court is aware of their situation and will work to determine when and where they begin serving their time.

However, businessman Andrés Liétor, sentenced to four years and four months in prison in the Malaya case, and lawyer Juan Germán Hoffmann, sentenced to five years, simply failed to report to jail and their whereabouts are unknown.

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