Spectacular storm strikes the coast

Thunder, lightning, hail and flooding in Málaga and Costa towns

Lightning strikes in Vélez Málaga on Friday (Photo: Carlos Castro www.carloscastrofotografo.com)

By Dave Jamieson

OVER 1,000 lightning strikes were recorded during last Friday night’s severe thunderstorm along the coast of Málaga. A number of roads were impassable while some flights heading for the airport had to be diverted.

Although the provincial weather centre had declared a yellow alert until 3am, the storm took many by surprise when the thunder began rolling in around 9.30pm.

However, the warning of rainfall of up to 20mm turned out to be an underestimate with over 100mm recorded in some places. At Málaga’s port, almost 20mm an hour was recorded twice during the storm, while traffic signals at several points in the city were knocked out of action and eight incoming flights to Málaga airport were diverted to Sevilla or Alicante.


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