“Your Love Divine”


(A poem inspired by the short life of Archie Battersby)

Hearts break into pieces
Lives will never be the same
Your child has left this cruel world
You look for who’s to blame
Your anger’s overwhelming
Your tears stream from your eyes
You ask God for some answers
He wont tell any lies
The truth is he was missing
An angel in his realm
A young child with ambition
Someone to take the helm
And so he chose young Archie
Who he knew would be just right
A boy full of adventure
A bright sunbeam full of light
And whilst grief overtakes you
Just be thankful for the time
That Archie spent within your life
Within your love divine
The memories, the happy times
His handsome smiling face
Not gone from you forever
But now in another place
In Heaven with a new life
Just a fleeting breath away
And always there within your hearts
Where he will always stay.

by David Whitney Torrevieja © 2022

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