Homeowners sitting targets

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August 4

Recurrent break-ins by known and unknown burglars have become a constant nightmare to residents in the Hondón Valley with the Guardia Civil indifferent to solving the problem.
The Guardia Civil based in Aspe are all too aware of the problems of the continual burglaries throughout the Hondón Valley but seem apathetic in the least in apprehending any of the offenders. Their attendance after the event, to issue a crime number is of no consolation to the homeowners concerned following the loss of the contents of their properties and the resultant damage.

This situation has been going on for months, much to the frustration of the community who cannot even socialise at night for the threat that their properties will be broken into whilst they are out.

However, there have been several break-ins where the owners have been at home and in bed and people are beginning to wonder how long it will be before someone is attacked or injured.

Whilst the local Neighbourhood Watch has been very active, even their valiant efforts have been thwarted.

Homeowners now question why they are indeed paying their taxes for a police service that in several months has not even made a single apprehension.

The plight of homeowners continues.

J. Jones


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