Wheelchair access

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November 26

Dear Editor,

There is a lack of wheel chair off and on ramps on pavements in the Rojales urbanisations.
I am confined to a wheelchair and recently bought a motorised chair to have more freedom to visit restaurants and shops.

Although most of these premises have ramps for wheelchair access it is almost impossible get to these premises because of the lack of any means to mount or dismount the very high kerbs.

The solution is simple and has been done in central Quesada, the installation of more crossings with gently slopping ramps both sides.

I would like to extend an invitation to a reporter to visit me and see the problem.

I hope you can help.

Robert Frew Loughran


Dear Robert, we will speak with a local councillor for your area to highlight the problems that you are facing and ask them consider taking measures to address the situation,
All the best, The Editor

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