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September 4, 2017

Dear GWN,
I know Sue Wilson and can assure you that she is a fervent believer in democracy.
She, and many others, do not believe that “Brexit” is in the interests of Britain, the British generally and the British who live in the EU27 countries specifically. That is her right!
It is also her right to oppose Brexit. The whole Brexit process has been flawed and undemocratic. The referendum vote was in favour of leaving the EU but only narrowly. The referendum was not a decision by the British people to leave the EU. It was an indication that a number of British citizens want to leave the EU.
The democratic process dictated that Members of Parliament had to decide whether to invoke Article 50 (thereby commencing the withdrawal process) or not. Mrs May was content to ignore this and claimed the authority to take the decision herself. The Supreme Court put an end to that flight of fancy but instead of upholding the process of democracy and respecting the Rule of Law, the Conservatives – and Labour – whipped MPs into voting for “Brexit”.
The democratic process has not been followed.
Mrs Wilson is quite entitled to oppose what many, me included, believe will turn out to be a disaster. I am a firm “Remainer” and applaud Mrs Wilson for taking the stance that she has. Mrs Wilson is now fighting alongside British in Europe to look after the rights of British citizens living in the EU.
I strongly recommend that you visit the site to inform yourself!

Wynne Edwards

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