May 11

Mariupol a city of ghosts.
Where amongst devastation
The brave hold their posts.
From faceless windows
Come the echoes of lives.
One man’s invasion,
Who lives and who dies?
The menacing rumble
Proceeding the threat
Of homes left in ashes.
No remorse, no regret.
Families in terror
In basements below
Annihilation of innocents
From this cowardly foe.
The constant tormenting,
The fires in the skies.
No birdsong, no laughter,
Just screaming and cries.
The snapping of gunfire,
The hiss of a drone,
The thud of a mortar
Finding it’s home.
The country fragmented
In search of escape,
While they hide in the darkness
Not knowing their fate.
But nations are waiting
With arms open wide.
To welcome these people
Of courage and pride.

This is a poem I wrote because I feel so affected by the terrible situation in Ukraine.
Tina Hellawell

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