UK travel complications

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December 9

Dear Editor,

I have not been over to the UK to see family or friends since August 2019.

Both my sisters are elderly, and I know we are so lucky in these times, we have a number of media options to keep in touch, but it is not the same as a cuppa and a cuddle, putting the world right.

My sister had been in hospital for 11 weeks and I thought I should go to see her but with Covid and restrictions, it was one hour per day, one family member.

Even though I was getting daily updates from my family, I decided to book a flight to go and see her.

The flight bit was easy, I started looking at the paperwork required, and it just seemed endless, and the nearer the time came to go, the more stressed I became.

Anyway, my sister died and I transferred the flight to next year. I have been very lucky in my life that I have travelled all over the world, but now it just seems so difficult and stressful.

I know, the whole situation is no one’s fault, we are just trying to deal with the situation on a day to day basis.

For most of us living in Spain we chose to live here because it is only two, two and a half hours flight back to UK. It seems with the current situation, it is so so much longer.

I enjoy reading the Costa Blanca News every week.

Keep safe
Sarah Williams

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