True colours of Corbyn


February 28

Dear Editor,
Well, well, well, that Socialist/Marxist wannabe Prime Minister Jeremy Corbyn has finally revealed his true colours, and has admitted what 17.4 million Leave voters have known since before the EU Referendum in June 2016. The ‘too stupid to know what they were voting for Leavers’ have now been fully vindicated, and the boot is now very firmly in the ‘other camp’! He is now prepared to override the majority, and has now lost probably many, many thousands of his own Labour supporters in their heartlands.
This really does show just how much contempt he holds even for his own supporters, in his race to become Prime Minister! Should he actually be elected into Downing Street, it will be said that democracy is finally dead and buried in Britain. And of course, one of his first acts would be to ‘twin’ Britain with his Socialist paradise of Venezuela! And along with Messrs Blair, Branson, Cable, Campbell, Clegg and Miller, who all say that the ‘old fogeys’ who in their millions voted to Leave, would soon ‘die off’, opening the door for a second Referendum based entirely on the younger voters, who all wanted to Remain! Just how sick and twisted can some people be?
As the Remoaners want to stay in the EU should be asking, ‘Just how long will the European Union be in existence?’ Can they not see just how much anger at the EU itself there is spreading across much of Europe itself? And after the deliberate delays in negotiations with people such as Messrs Barnier, Tusk, Junker and Verhofstadt, who really wants to be ruled over by this ‘Happy Band’? For of the other 27 countries making up the EU only 11 actually contribute to it, the other 16 are net withdrawers. And some people in Britain have the nerve to ask why there are financial shortages for the NHS, Education, Social Care, Transport and general infrastructure, when more money is always needed to make up any shortfall in other countries, Greece being the prime example. How many more countries are actually in similar predicaments?
And where may it be asked is the Real Labour Party in all of this?
At present it seems to be stumbling along in a coalition with, is it Labour-Momentum or perhaps Momentum-Labour, because they seem to be happy with the current situation! Which is which? And if Mr Corbyn actually does make it to number 10, and begins to dismantle Britain, till it becomes a bankrupt backwater member of ???? then please do not pen tearstained letters to Costa Blanca News, without enclosing a box of Kleenex person-sized tissues!

N J Whiteside

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