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January 21

Dear Sir,

You read about how busy town halls are but they seem to make work for themselves?
We had to get a copy of our ‘padrón’ from Orihuela when we applied for our residencía and TIE before Brexit.

We are residents and registered as tax residents, also have Spanish driving licences and Sip cards.

Our GVA Salud App and card stopped working so we went to the clinic and they say we need a new padrón?

We cannot get an appointment until January 30 and as I am awaiting an appointment at the hospital and cannot see if one has been made yet.

We decided just to go to the town hall and see if we could get in and just get a new padrón so our Sip cards will work again.

We got to the reception and explained to the lady on the desk what and why we required one urgently, and she looked on the system and stated we were not registered on the ‘padrón’, and would have to go online and make an appointment to come and register.

We can not understand why, when we have had to get all the papers to get legal residencía they now say we are not registered?

No wonder they are snowed under with work.

Keith Wright

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  1. In addition to renewing the Padron every five years you have to RE REGISTER. If you do not RE REGISTER then your SIP card becomes invalid. This happened to me and also a couple of my friends and we had to take our passports and a utility bill to the Town Hall in order to prove we still live there. We did this and we were also presented with a new Padron which we took to the Health Centre in Quesada and our SIP cards were re authorised by the lady in reception.


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