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January 9

Dear Sir,

I remember reading in your newspaper shortly after the changeover of management from private to state run that everything had gone smoothly. I do not believe that most patients would agree with that statement.

I had a blood test in October to check on a problem that I had six months earlier.

The doctor told me that the test had detected another problem and they would request an appointment with a specialist at the hospital.

The request was entered on their website on October 31.

Three weeks later I had to go and see the doctor for some medication and mentioned that I had not yet received an appointment and I mentioned that I had read about staff shortages at the hospital since the changeover.

The doctor did not confirm this but they did prescribe some medicine for the condition that was detected.

I have still not received an appointment at the hospital and I have no idea whether the condition is serious or not.

We have also lost the Portal Salud website where we could see requests and appointments and any messages from the medical centre.

I would like to add that I did receive good medical care at the hospital when I was in for a few days about nine months ago but the current problem seems to be gaining access to specialists when it is needed.

Joe Bloggs

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