SanitatSolsUna claim of efficiency and low waiting lists at Torrevieja hospital


August 31

The urology department has very long waiting lists for any attention required.

I have been using the department for over 10 years now, I have had four bladder operations there and have noticed, not only the standard of care has deteriorated but attention to patients has become strained.

I am currently awaiting an appointment to see a consultant for many months now. My doctor says I just have to wait.

I understand the department only has one consultant when they should have five!

It’s worth some investigating. I believe they should be exposed.

I had an appointment cancelled at the last moment last year because the consultant was ill, and there wasn’t anybody else to see me.

I know it has been a very bad time for the hospital this year and we are all grateful for what they have done, but the urology department is a disgrace.

Thanks for your time.
(Name withheld)

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