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July 3

My family and I were involved in a serious traffic accident in the Artola area on 14 June 2018 at approximately 12 noon.
I would like, if possible, to use your publication to express our extreme appreciation of all the assistance we received, as we did not get the contact details of the people involved.
In essence we were travelling west on the A7 towards Marbella in the area of Artola and a large truck clipped the rear offside of our hire car causing it to hit the central reservation, spin and ultimately overturn, the truck failed to stop and as far as I am aware has not been traced.
All three of us managed to get out of the vehicle, with the assistance of various occupants of vehicles who stopped and they attended to my wife who was bleeding profusely from a head cut.
Thankfully apart from severe bruising and whiplash, which my wife is still suffering from, there were no other serious injuries, Many thanks to the manufacturers of Fiat for the strength of their body cages, but for which……
To the persons who assisted us, we cannot thank you enough.
The emergency services who attended were incredible, despite a bit of a false start with the traffic police. I had explained that we had been hit by a truck and perhaps understandably their question was ‘donde esta el camion’ and the body language suggested ‘uhm another incompetent tourist driver’.
I cannot criticise their conclusion However one of the locals who had stopped confirmed my story advising the officers in no uncertain terms and attitudes changed dramatically.
The staff at Hospital Costa Del Sol were fantastic during our 9-hour ‘incarceration’
In short, every person who assisted was a superstar and we truly appreciate their assistance. We would have wished to thank them personally but hope you can publish this and at least some of them read our sincere thanks

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