Spain’s political circus


September 15

Re: Issue no. 2205: James Parkes on Spain’s political circus.
Dear Sir,
While Mr Parkes transferred the disability of Spain’s political caste during the past six months to constitute a government into the world of orthodontia, I’m being reminded of an US TV commercial of the 1980’s from which a solution could be derived.
The former fast food chain Jack in the Box launched an advertising campaign by announcing a name change and a quality improvement to their products. Jack, the company’s trademark was exhibited on top of a big pole in front of an outlet. The advertisement ended with a deep voiced question: “…but what about the clown?” Boooom!! They dynamited that grotesque little figure.
Back to Spain. I think the main obstacle to form a new government is President Mariano Rajoy whose integrity I don’t question.
Considering that during the next couple of months at least six of his party buddies are in the dock facing serious corruption charges, it’s the person which should be substituted. Watching Mr Rajoy on the Spanish TV news, listening to his bland babble, the afore mention US TV commercial comes to my mind: “but what about Marianito?”

Wilfried Weismann

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