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June 27

I read your article with interest in the CBNews page 15. You stated that the solar plant will cost 40 million euros and initially power around 25,000 homes. I have just had solar panels installed on my house and cost about 4,500 euros.

I am not sure what the final number of houses will be and final cost but it seems to me that they may do better by supplying individual houses at a lower cost. Work it out yourself, say 25,000 at €5,000 per house.

Sincerely, Stephen Noe

Hi Stephen,

Thank you for your email.

Hopefully, the new legislation will provide a real boost for solar power on many fronts. As Greenpeace point out, more has to be done to encourage homeowners such as yourself to install panels. Let’s hope that the new decree from Valencia does this, as well as opening the way for more investment in large-scale solar plants.

When the legislation is published this month we will provide a full report on its content,

All the best, Dave Jones

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