Quarantine. 2020 in a small village


Castell de Castells
June 29

The period of quarantine is now over and things are slowly getting back to how they were before 14th March 2020, here in the village of Castell de Castells. It has been a long and lonely time for some.

We have here been very lucky, in Castell de Castells, not one case of Covid19. The old peoples home, with 25 residents, has done a fantastic job. Several villagers helped in the early weeks by making cotton face masks for the home, and almost everyone followed the guidelines. Streets were disinfected regularly. Masks, ‘gel hydroalcohólico’ and gloves were handed to every household in the village by the town hall.

As things are now changing, slowing into new phases, the bars opened up for customers, few terraces as such here, tables and chairs in the Calles, which the town hall thoughtfully closed off to traffic. People finally got to see neighbours and friends for a chat and a glass of wine or a coffee. It was a joyous moment. Two of the 6 bars in the village had only been open with new tenants for just two weeks before the lockdown. The reopening was very important for them, with only being allowed 50% capacity for safety, they had to work extra hard. Then of course there was unseasonal rain which didn’t help. Still they plodded on with masks, cleaning tables and chairs between customers. Many villagers did their best to support all the bars. They are, after all, a vital part of village life.

The Casas Rurales, restaurants and Hotel here in Castell de Castells are now open to welcoming visitors. Now the village swimming pool is open and life will move on to a new normal, sadly no fiestas this year but we are all looking forward to a great village fiesta next summer 2021.

Yvonne Hanney

‘Masked’ ladies waiting for evening Mass in Castell de Castells


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