So very, very sorry


March 16

I am angry, tired and above all discouraged. So many months behaving well in the Valencian region, so many months without seeing our families, which we have faced with courage, hope for the future, and strength to attend to the public in our jobs (an administrative civil servant in my case), giving a smile with optimism because we are closer to being reunited with our loved ones…

The sun is out, spring is here and we are going out and about. However, I feel discouraged and anxious when I see the bars full of people without masks. They give the impression that this health situation does not suit them, they ignore the fact that there are families who have been trying to stop people dying for many months; it seems that they have not seen a loved one die. They ignore the recommendations, here it is sun and beach, and my hopes for a better future are disappearing.

I don’t know when I will see my family because of the unsupportive behaviour of these people, the lack of respect for the waiters and waitresses, the contempt for the owners of premises that will be forced to close yet again.

We live, work and breathe here, we are not just passing through, we are at the service of the people and we would like to look to the future with our families. Not long ago I didn’t think we would go back to being locked up because of the worsening situation, but today I am very concerned about the uncivil behaviour of people.

Show solidarity, put on your masks, and let us believe in a hopeful future.

Petra Braker

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