The TIE – More than meets the eye!


August 28

Dear Editor,

Good morning. On a lighter ‘note’ (literally!).

Many of your readers are going through the process of obtaining the TIE by exchanging the green Residencia A4 certificate or card or starting from the very beginning of obtaining Residencia status

For those of us who have already obtained the TIE, apart from the vital words:

‘PERMANENTE ARTICLE 50 TUE’ on the obverse … and ‘EMITIDO BAJO ART.18.4 ACUERDO RETIRADA’ on the reverse – there is much more than just what ’meets the eye’!
If one looks more carefully at the TIE on the ‘obverse’ – perhaps slightly tilting the card against the light – a musical ‘score’ can be seen and indeed the ‘notes’ ‘felt’ (tactile!) under and to the right of the signature block and NIE. These are the first 3 bars of the European Union ‘Anthem’ ‘ODE TO JOY’! from Beethoven’s 9th Symphony! (Why the 4th bar was omitted has been a discussion point – there is certainly the ability to make enough space for this!)

Additional… again looking very closely – tilting the card against the light again… at the top right corner on the obverse can be seen an outline image of a curvaceous female – standing alongside a horned bull. This I understand is the Phoenician princess – the goddess EUROPA – after which EUROPE is named!


Many thanks
Regards and best wishes
Michael Elliott


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