Rising prices


Dear readers,

I’m afraid I bring bad news once again in these troubled times. Many of you will have already noticed that the price of this week’s paper has gone up – it is now €2.70, a rise of 20c. I am sorry that you were not told beforehand about this move.

I wish I was in a position to say that we have not been affected by the across-the-board price rises which have hit pretty much every aspect of people’s lives. But we aren’t.

You will know that almost every commodity now costs more than it did a year ago. We have seen some quite ludicrous hikes of basic products in the shops, some of which raise suspicions that we are being taken advantage of. Personally, I have stopped buying certain items because I feel that the producers are ‘taking the Michael’.

It is the same for the newspaper. The price of paper has almost doubled in the last year. Fuel is the same. Electricity bills have never been so high. And unfortunately something has to give.

I know this is not a good time to do this – people’s wages and pensions almost never rise in line with inflation. However, we have no option. If we are to continue producing a newspaper every week then we have to meet the costs of doing so. We have tried to keep the increase to a minimum, but we are also aware that any additional rise to the cost of your shopping basket is onerous at the moment.

I can only ask for understanding and hope that you will stick with us. We try our hardest every week to produce a newspaper that you will enjoy. The bad news does get in the way of the ‘enjoyment’ part, I know. But we do our best to keep you informed about what is going on in Spain and your local communities, as well as providing a bit extra about other subjects that we hope you find interesting.

Once again, sorry for the additional cost – and thank you for your support,

Dave Jones

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