Renting ex-matrimonial home


August 19

Please can you advise accordingly if possible?
Our ex-matrimonial home on the Costa Blanca has been rented out for some years through a rental agency.
We have been through a divorce here in the UK and the courts here in Britain are saying that the ex-matrimonial home must be sold and shared equally after all discharges and fees have been paid in Spain.
We had tenants and their contract finished on 10/6/2017, however the rental agency have now said that the tenants have rights and can rent the property for a further three years, also  my ex-husband has agreed to this without  my consent.
Also I have not under any circumstances signed any tenancy agreement in the past three/four years either and I have since found out that there has been a further three tenants in the property not including the present tenants who I believe have been in for 14 months!
The only tenancy agreement I signed was the original one back in the beginning with the rental agency, agreeing for them to find us a suitable tenant, they then found a tenant and we signed them to be in for a period of 11 months only.
Unfortunately, those tenants did a moonlight flit and also took with them a lot of our things and left the property in a terrible state, which ended up costing us a lot of money. The rental agency did not take a bond and failed to carry out any inspections during the tenancy either!
Where do I stand with regards to this today, i.e…  is what the rental agency are now telling me correct ?
Kind Regards
Caroline Hancock

Ms Hancock,
We have passed your letter on to our legal team, and their reply will be printed in this section shortly.

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