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November 14, 2016

Dear Editor

I live near Torrevieja and regularly read articles in your paper about waste disposal, whether it be about the existing land-fill site being full, the hunt for a suitable new site or the vast quantities of waste being handled, etc. I am not a ‘Greenie’ or a ‘Tree Hugger’ but surely the answer lies in more recycling. There is a European Directive that recycling should be encouraged and that all member states should recycle 50% of household waste, yet this is nowhere near to being met.

On the urbanisation where I live, there are a few recycling bins but they are in remote locations and not near the general rubbish bins. For convenience, most people take all of their rubbish to these general waste bins rather than separating it and walking a bit further to the recycling bins.

Often, when I dump my general waste, I have difficulty getting it into the bins because they are full of garden waste, cardboard boxes, papers and plastic bottles that could, and should, be recycled.

Surly it would make more sense to put recycling bins and waste bins together to make it simpler for people too lazy or inconsiderate to recycle their waste.

If this were implemented it would dramatically reduce the amount of waste going to land-fill and help preserve the world’s resources for future generations. It would surely be both cost effective and good for the environment.


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