Hi there,
I, as many other ex-pats are aware that this publication has in recent months endeavoured to voice the concerns of us all, that we will not be allowed to vote in the forthcoming Euro Referendum.
It still winds me up, that the old cronies that spend a great deal of their time in the land of “”nod”” on the red leather couches, have decided to leave us high, dry, deserted, and abandoned.
When listening to the U. K. news, I often hear that various immigrants, in different situations, although guilty of whatever, are allowed to walk away, and disappear into the system, because any other action would interfere with their “”Human Rights””
So, I ask—–why are we ex-pats not afforded the same, and allowed to determine our own future ?
To add to this, I heard on local radio today, that the Spanish Government has decided to back Argentina in their efforts to regain The Falkland Isles.
They have also again pushed for Gibraltar. Does this not seem ominous that if the “”Vote”” says out of Europe, will we ex-pats be held to ransom?
Will we be punished by the country not being obliged to accept our pensions, or if they do, at what charge? Will this type of thing continue until some sort of settlement over the “”Rock””
I presume that the “old cronies” have not thought of that, and it may be worth informing them. Maybe your contacts at the paper may have some opinions on this.
We live in hope, G. D. Johnson.

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