Praise for Our Malcolm


May 22

Dear Mr Malcolm Smith

I too read your articles. I love your varied interests and humour. Having worked with journalists I think you are ‘Tops’. I have cut out your ‘Fings aren’t what they used to be’ article and will keep it framed!

I am now 82 but back in the day I was a ballroom dancer. I won a South African Latin American Championship in 1960 and came third in the Ballroom section. In 2001, I won the South African Masters Ballroom Championship.

On a visit to London I remember watching a Championship at the Albert Hall where Edmundo Ross played for the Latin American competition.

I was a London war time child, the family moved to South Africa when I was 8 in 1946.
My husband, from Birmingham, and I have now lived in Alcossebre, Spain, since 2007.

We love it, being isolated up our mountain near the historic ‘Ermita’, has not been a Covid problem. We walk our two dogs over the hill to the lovely view of sea, mountains and village below. Our two cats complete our ‘family’, all rescue animals. Happy memories of past stylish fashion and melodic music stay with me but a safe life in Spain takes a lot of beating!

Thank you for your articles,
Kind regards
Julie Harris

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