Praise for ‘Individual’s view of Brexit’


Els Poblets
June 12, 2017

Dear Sir
May I compliment the Costa Blanca News for printing the letter of Chris King (An individual’s view of Brexit) in your issue of 9th June. I would hope that every one of your readers studies this very detailed description of the awful state of the EU, its dreadful history and an incandescent beacon of reason why it is imperative that the UK gets on with its efforts to push through a “hard” Brexit despite the almost disaster of the recent election. Coming so near to plunging Britain back into the dark days of Socialist rule is frightening indeed and it befits us all to pray that the Conservatives can recover and regroup to get the freedom to pursue a prosperous future that the gutsy 52% of Brits voted for in the referendum.

Yours faithfully
P. J. Henham

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