People not wearing masks


June 17

Dear Sir,

It was rather alarming to see so many people walking along the promenade in Torrevieja on Sunday without wearing masks. Some people were wearing them on their chin, their arm or carrying one. Presumably so that they could quickly put them on if they saw a police officer. Not that there were any present. What was most concerning was that people without masks would pass somebody going in the opposite direction without any concern for distancing.

They could have touched elbows if they had wanted to. Standards have also dropped in the shops I have noticed. At the start of the lockdown Mercadona had security guards at the entrance to the store to ensure that customers used the disinfectant available and put the single use gloves on. For the past two weeks there have been no security people on duty which is understandable, but there is no staff member making sure that customers are cleaning their hands and wearing the gloves or checking that they have masks on.

It seems that complacency has set in.

J. Smith

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