Thanks for restriction details, but….


June 15

Thank you to the CB News for giving details of the changes happening in Phase 3 of the Covid.19 restrictions. These are much appreciated by us all.

There is one niggling point which I’d like to raise and that is this: We can now meet up with friends, say a couple… and sit with them for an hour or so, eating, drinking and laughing BUT we cannot give them a lift to the restaurant or take them home in our car as they are not relatives. This means two cars on the road, two parking spaces needed and double the amount of emissions being created.

Rules state that up to 9 people can travel together in a people-carrier if they are of the same family but why not 4 people in a car, two in front, two behind wearing masks if they are not related. Surely cross infection can be as strong in families as it can be with friends.

Restaurants and cafes etc., desperately need support and I feel that if we could double up on transport, more people would be likely to go out for a snack or a meal.

Would it be possible to ask your readers what their opinion is regarding the above?

Many thanks,
Mary Stevens


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