No Christmas cheer


December 27

Dear Sirs,
I was a bit disappointed to see (or not see) there was no Happy Christmas greetings to your readers in the paper, not even a sprig of holly, even the TV paper just had the date, no Christmas Day or Boxing Day on the heading, is everybody feeling miserable?
Something nice and cheerful, a Christmas poem or carol would have been good, also I notice the political letters keep coming, come on folks! What will be, will be, Brexit or no! Sort it out later, surely even the would be politicians, who write the lengthy boring letters, must have had a mince pie or a ‘gamba’ over the festive season.
I do wish everybody a Happy and Prosperous New Year, best wishes to all, for goodness sake enjoy your life.

Chris Vidal

Maybe it went unnoticed to you, but we did have a large ‘Merry Christmas’ banner on the front page of the Christmas edition (plus Santa hat on our logo) and a ‘Happy New Year’ one last week. Our What’s On section included a box wishing all our readers the same on both weeks from all at CBNews and we also carried a full page of greetings with pictures in both editions. We regret you did not notice these.
Having said all this, we are a ‘proper’ newspaper that aims to give reader just that – news, and without skipping weeks over the festive season. Sadly, with Brexit all in the air, this is still expats’ main concern regardless of what Santa left in their stockings, because indeed we all want to continue to enjoy our lives not just at Christmas but throughout the rest of the year too – and a lot of that depends on the Brexit outcome!

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  1. So sorry Laddie you did not obviously get a kiss under the mistletoe & Santa didn’t come up to your expectations so I will send you greetings from an old lady for the New Year.Perhaps it is because so many of us remember times gone by that we don’t feel the need to gorge ourselves,on one particular day,to over eat,drink more than keeps us upright on our old legs & have to pull those crackers with our feeble grip because we British(who adopted the 25th )do not recognize the Spanish(& other Christian countries)date of 24th December.I am fortunate that I can afford to do these things if I want on any day of the year & at my age won’t be bothered if no one approved if I did so & I don’t need tinsel,paper hats or loads of cards & presents to add to this.Of course I may be way out of line but I look on in horror at reading how people now are getting themselves into debt just to fund this occasion.And there I believed it was to celebrate a religious event in the Christian calendar.My own family were at fault in the 1940’s as my siblings & I did get an apple & I got a wooden slide with a bear made by German POW’s.You may also feel it is equally boring that we are taken up with news about Brexit but I can assure you this is,to most of us,just a little bit more important not only for us oldies but we do care about future generations who may want to follow the path in Europe that we have tried to make for their future.


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