Benidorm pot-hole accident


May 25, 2016

Visiting Benidorm for a week’s holiday, on Saturday, May 14 at 1pm I went to visit the Sunday market. Having finished my shopping, I crossed the small road to get to a café on the other side, only to put my foot in a pot-hole in the road and fall (no, I was not drunk or hung over from the night before), sustaining a possible fractured skull, possible broken nose, very bruised and cut right knee and a broken left wrist.
I would like to give a huge ‘Thank you’ to a wonderful English nurse, Joanne Shiels, who was so caring and helpful whilst waiting for the ambulance, and a young Spanish lady known only as Deseree (who works for Jet2), who gave my husband a lift to the hospital and also took photos for us. You were both so wonderful and I am only sorry could not thank you at the time.
As for Benidorm’s streets, maybe the council would consider spending some of the tourists’ money on filling in the holes and repairing the tiles instead of having court cases to pay out compensation for accidents they have caused. Thanks, council, for spoiling my week of no sunbathing, no swimming, no wine at dinner, no sightseeing. It’s a good job there are kind people to make up for the council’s failings.

Christine Ball

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  1. Whilst it is quite regrettable to hear of your injuries due to a damaged road surface it is refreshing to hear decent people came to your assistance and that is indeed an event that is becoming increasingly rare. On a related topic, have you ever considered looking where you are going? This is seemingly popular with a lot of folks and it reduces the amount of blame redirected to others when things inevitably go wrong. By trying this quite simple concept perhaps society can also reduce the amount of compensation claims presented when they were easily avoidable.


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