Mrs Cristina Cifuentes and Spain’s ’House of Cards’


April 30, 2018

Dear Sir,
James Parkes reported about the ’Mastergate’ resignation of Madrid regional president Cristina Cifuentes, who is claiming she suffered a ’harrassment’ campaign (April 27-May 3).
Some facts: Already in 2017, according to defamatory pronouncements, Mrs C allegedly maintained an illigitimate relationship with a well-known politician. Six weeks ago the press dug up evidence about Mrs C’s bogus Masters degree obtained due to ’cooperation’ by staff of Juan Carlos University in Madrid. Immediately, an impudent Mrs C threatened the two investigative journalists to sue them for slander. The weeks thereafter, she was criticised and ridiculed by the media. Gran Wyoming, presenter of the nightly show ’Intermedio’, had a song composed whose refrain after every stanza consists of Mrs C’s defiant words not to resign from office: “No, no I don’t leave . . . I’ll stay. . .“ By the time and due to the pressure received, her arrogance faded away: “I shall resign onl, when PM Rajoy tells me to.“
During the recent convention of the PP in Sevilla, Mrs C was fully backed by her fellow party members, in spite of the damage she was still causing them, because she put PM Rajoy in a very uncomfortable position. The flamboyant regional president was asking for it, she had it coming, eg the final kill! Last Wednesday Eduardo Inda, editor of ’Ok Diario’, well-
connected with Spain’s intelligence agency CNI, having published leaks and classified information in the past, made public the video – obtained from a ’confidential source’ – about Mrs C’s shoplifting incident at an Eroski supermarket situated in front of Madrid’s parliament where she was a MP. After Mrs C was retained in the store’s backroom for 45 minutes for having stolen two tubes of Olay anti-aging cream and refused to pay €42, two plainclothes men appeared on the scene. When the cops phoned their headquarters and revealed Mrs C’s identity, the police commissioner M P R S R ordered them to let her go, not asking for an ID and refrain from keeping minutes. (Eight months after the incident Mrs C was promoted to ’delegada de Gobierno’ and put in charge of the law enforcement agencies which today – when asked about the protocol of the 2011 incident – probably refer to the flick starring Clark Gable and Vivien Leigh ’Gone with the Wind’ . . .
Today’s million-dollar question: Who conserved for seven years the video which – according to the data protection law – had to be destroyed after 15 days and was leaked to oust Mrs C?
’La Tribuna de Cartagena’, citing a ’very reliable source’, has the answer. Ex-police commissioner José Manuel Villarejo, a dubious character at the government’s disposal for special operations, detained on various occasions, obtained a copy of the Cifuentes shoplifting video from a colleague in Madrid and handed it over to Sra Soraya Sáenz Santamaría, vice-PM of Sr Rajoy’s cabinet.
Finally, Mrs Cifuentes resigned. In addition, she was removed from her post as president of Madrid’s Partido Popular but kept her seat as MP – netting her €3,503 a month – mainly for the reason to keep her immunity because in case of a criminal prosecution only the national penal court (Audiencia Nacional) has jurisdiction.

Best regards
Wlfried Weissmann

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