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April 25,

I do not want to put anybody off of making their TIE application themselves as it is normally a simple straightforward process, the hardest part being the appointments lottery.

However in my case, my first application at the Alicante office failed due to a problem with our home address.

Although I have had my padrón in La Nucía for many years and Hacienda, Tráfico, and the Seguridad Social all know where I live, it seems the National Police thought I was still living in the Canaries!

Those with criminal intent might find this an ideal situation, but as I am not it is worrying that in an emergency an attempt to contact my family would have been made in Fuerteventura!
It turns out that my original green residence certificate, issued in Altea in 2009 was never entered on their computer! This was finally resolved during a second visit to Alicante after a prolonged phone call by them to Altea police office.

Perhaps this was a one off but if your certificate was issued in Altea around this time you might wonder….

Charlie Meed

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