Letter writing

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June 12

I’ve noticed a trend in your column over recent months to include very long political letters and, often, heartfelt soliloquies that take up the whole columns in the section.

Whilst they are usually very eloquent, I’m not sure that the Letters column is the best place for them, as we do benefit much more from people’s shared experiences on the good things and of the bad things that have happened to them whilst living on the Costa Blanca.

Things like crimes, scams, dealing with local authorities etc.

Or maybe everyone is just so content with the status quo?

Tony Holden

Hi Tony,
Thanks for writing in.
I’m afraid letter writing to newspapers appears to be a dying art.
We receive very few letters nowadays. A quick comment on social media is now more to people’s tastes, it seems.
We would love to receive more letters from our readers on topics that interest them,
The Editor


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