Letter to Calpe councillor

August 10
Dear Carole Saunders,
I was appalled to read in this week’s CBNews Jack Troughton’s piece re. electric scooters etc. Surely some clarification is required. I applaud cracking down on what we used to call ‘scooters’ when we were young, but I have seen youngsters on the electric models weaving at 25 or so kmph in and out between families on the promenade wondering when a child is going to get killed.
But I am desperately worried that my electric mobility machine would fall into that category. Perhaps mine could be classified as an electric wheel chair. It has wheels (albeit 4), a comfortable seat and an electric motor. But my ‘Shoprider’ is an essential part of my life now that most days I can’t walk much more than 100 m or so. Top speed, a fraction faster than I can walk.
It has liberated me; it has given me independence to do my own shopping, visit a restaurant on the beach.
I can park it in the plaza without it being in anybody’s way, Masymas are even happy for me (and one or two others) to ride in the store.
To enable me to park it in a designated motor cycle space would mean having to drive in the road or on the pavement (both banned under the new bylaws!)
Calpe’s cycle lanes are totally inadequate for people needing to use mobility help but could be improved enormously without vast expenditure.
Clarification, please, Carole,
Yours sincerely,
Peter Purvey
(Calpe U3A Committee)

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