Labour party conference


October 2, 2017

I was so taken aback to read some press reports of the Labour Party conference in Brighton last week, when I returned from Brighton last Friday, that I wanted to tell your readers what a different, inspiring experience it was for me.
I attended the conference as a delegate from Labour International, the worldwide constituency of the British Labour party.
Our Costa Blanca north branch, based in Jávea, has more than 50 members, joining the 3,500 members worldwide, and I was one of eleven delegates to the conference.
My memory of the conference I attended is far removed from some of the reports I read, particularly those of the Daily Mail, which I know is well read here on the Costa Blanca.
John McDonnell, the shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer, brought tears to my eyes when he talked of a rebirth of the spirit of 1945, because that was when I was born. I benefited from free education, free healthcare and controlled rented accommodation.
My husband and I were lucky enough to be able to buy the house where we brought up our family in Cardiff, but now I have wondered if my grandchildren would ever have that right. Until this year’s conference, that is. It was not only I, a pensioner, who was moved by the thought of a country that can provide decent housing for everyone. All around me young people were standing and cheering, and yes, I thought I saw a tear on some much younger cheeks too.
I wrote about my experiences at this conference because it was the first time I have attended and I wanted to be sure I remembered it.
If any of your readers are interested they can read my “Notes from a conference virgin “ on

Yours sincerely
Nina Davies

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