Death of democracy


San Javier
October 1, 2017

Tri-cornered paramilitaries went
To crush all forms of government dissent.
They blindly followed orders from above
With live rounds in each trigger-twitching glove.
These jackboot thugs shut down the internet
And quashed resistance when, wherever met.
Grabbed printed matter, census, ballot box,
Demanded keys were turned in stations’ locks
So people were denied their right to vote.
And fascists in Madrid could preen and gloat,
Pay homage where one day a cross must fall.
The Catalans were made to face the wall
Like naughty children were not long ago
And listen as Rajoy said No! No! No!
How soon before he bans who you can meet,
Express your own opinion in the street?
His autocratic style won’t win him friends.
He stubbornly believes means meet the ends.
By peaceful means the people must fight back.
The way to beat oppression is attack.
I see their route to freedom full of pain
Now Spain is a dictatorship again.
David Leslie Urion

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