Irrigation, bills, banks, Beckhams and Orihuela Costa

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Nov 14, Murcia

Following on from my letter in Issue no. 2521 on 30/9, you printed an article on farming in the mountains in issue 2524 on 21/10, to help avoid forest fires.

This type of farming is labour intensive and with the change in weather patterns which I have seen in my 17+ years living here, and the recent 58% increase in irrigation charges is not likely to be successful without huge subsidies, and the yields unpredictable.

Surely solar farms would be more beneficial with guaranteed returns and low labour costs after the initial outlay. Please no more ugly wind farms (which are also dangerous to birds).

This could lead to Spain being an extremely low polluter, lower electricity bills for all, Spain becoming self-sufficient in clean energy with the possibility of selling energy to other countries in Europe.

Following on about bills, does anyone understand how electricity bills are calculated? You are supplied with a long list of figures which don’t add up. The only advice on their websites is to look at your bill???

Therein lies the problem. There are no English speakers who can explain this at Curenergia, and I cannot find any answers on the internet. This week’s issue has an article on banks’ huge profits. To me it’s pretty obvious where the money is coming from.

I have a mortgage with a leading bank (who have absorbed several others ) and as such I am forced to have a current account with them so that I can transfer money once a month from my original bank (still the same bank) from 17 years ago into said account so they can take their charges of capital + interest.

For this small amount of work I am charged €35 a quarter which I consider a disgrace. I am already giving them interest every month! When I send them requests for answers to questions they merely send back standard replies. They never send statements of balances on the account and my mortgage. Unfortunately I am locked into this mortgage and cannot move it. My main bank is absolutely brilliant, they are so helpful and any request is answered personally and in good faith.

Yet another series of long letters on Orihuela Costa and its many apparent unsolvable problems. This seems to have been ongoing for years now and while I feel so, so sorry for the long suffering residents, I feel that you are flogging a dead horse. There is a simple solution, if at all possible, to move to another area. I have lived in a lovely largish town in inland Murcia for 17 years no complaints.

On a lighter note I refer to the picture in the Daily Mail on Oct 31 of Beckham and his wife dressed in what appear to be clothes from a charity shop lucky dip box, or in his case, from an older and bigger brother. Can’t they afford clothes that fit??


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