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Readers are continuing to sign the Costa Blanca News petition over associate EU citizenship.

The initiative, proposed by MEP Charles Goerens, would allow individual UK nationals to retain their rights following Britain’s withdrawal from the EU – if it is approved during the Brexit negotiations which are set to get underway in March.

Hundreds of people have had their say on the proposal and outlined their reasons for signing the petition.

Pauline Marjorie Williams said: “I’ve worked all my life in UK and deserve to retire where I like.

“Brexit should not be allowed to affect that.

“Let me live and die in peace without political, economic, healthcare or other sanctions caused by something I voted against.”

More of the comments will appear in Friday’s Costa Blanca News.

The Costa Blanca News petition can be signed at

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  1. you British don´t want Europeans, so Spanish in your country. Why should we let you live in our country? That is what England always wanted… extras.. no way. Just leave

  2. I think it is eastern europeans and non europeans that a lot of people are against , I’m sure most english welcome spanish people to england even if they voted out. The roads , housing , healthcare are all overloaded and can’t cope.

    It isn’t about just immigration , its about the erosion of national power


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