Insurance problems

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October 10

Dear Sir,

I took out an insurance policy with my bank in September 2021 when I bought a new house and obviously wanted it covered. I was told if I took out the policy it would reduce the charges on my current account, which it didn’t.

In March, with the crazy weather in my area, my roof leaked, well the water actually poured in. The insurance company came back and said they would not cover it, as it was due to lack of maintenance.

Anyway, obviously had to accept that. Got three quotes, none of them could start the job until September as too busy.

I got a phone call from the insurance company, asking if I had accepted the quote from their roof man. I said I never received a quote. When he came to view the roof I asked for a quote and never got it. Never heard anything from the insurance again.

I phoned the insurance company and did the normal press 1, press 2, horrible boil your head music, then cut off, did this for four times. I finally got someone, gave the policy number and address, got cut off again, started again. They had a translator who is at best poor at English.

I always apologise for not speaking Spanish always, but I am paying €500 a year. If the bank offers the service to foreigners then you should have the people , if not only offer it to nationals .

Finally, I got through to someone, it only took one and a half hours, obviously I have nothing better to do.

The insurance company agreed to paint my bedroom and hallway ceilings , wow what a result.

It was confirmed they would arrive Thursday, so I had to take a day off work at short notice, this was the day before.

On Thursday, I waited, and waited. Phoned insurance, press 1, press 2, speak to someone hold the line, cut off, shall I go on after 2 hours. Finally got through to a person, who said “They will be with you today but I don’t have a time”. Guess what, still waiting, no phone call, no painters no nothing.

I emailed the bank and low and behold I am in a three-year contract. I was never told that, who takes out a three-year contract on insurance whether it is car house or anything.

I am now getting a lawyer to try and break the contract.

Honestly, banks are not what they were !

Karen Miller

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