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May 6


I would like to write to give praise to our regional president, Ximo Puig.

Not a week goes by without his name or photo in at least one of the local papers, out and about helping in all aspects of Valencian life.

He is particularly active in the British expat community and his letter of encouragement to British people living in Spain during the Brexit saga was very gratefully and warmly received by at least this ex-pat and I am sure many, many more. He is still working to improve the lives of the British people, who he says have made their homes here and ‘are Valencians’.

I see that he has not ‘jumped the queue’ for his vaccination, and when we see so many people in office who turn out to be corrupt or inept, I am happy to give praise where praise is due – thank you Sr. Puig.

Best wishes,
Margaret Hairsine

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