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October 31


In Moraira, and probably other municipalities too, it is very obvious that summer is well and truly over and owners are here putting their properties to rights after the letting season.

Why is it so obvious? Because a hefty number of these owners are totally disregarding the local rules concerning disposal of rubbish. All over Moraira are banks of recycling bins all showing clearly what can and cannot be put in each bin.

Each bank of bins also has a large sign board giving information about what to do with things that cannot go in one of the bins.

One option is to take it to the ecoparc in Teulada. If the object is too big or heavy to do that the second option is to contact the town hall who will collect it from the property.

There is NOT a third option that says it can be dumped at the bins which is what is currently happening.

In recent days while driving around Moraira I have seen metal bed bases, mattresses, settee cushions, garden furniture, broken cupboards and chests of drawers and bathroom sanitary ware to name but a few.

The people doing this are an absolute disgrace. I should have thought that if you own a property in this lovely place you might have a little pride in keeping it looking good but obviously not!!

Yours sincerely
Sue McNae

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